Working across sectors such as water, telecoms and construction - where effective field management, evidencing, safety and regulatory compliance are a priority - our software helps a diverse userbase deliver essential services across the UK every day.


Software as a Service (SaaS) centred around human productivity, safety, and wellbeing.

Purpose built, high-performance work-management solution for any sector needing to manage field operations.

The worlds first and only AI monitored lone worker safety system. Say goodbye to manual monitoring and management overheads.

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Map and visualise mental health and wellbeing across your entire organisation. Run a data-driven wellbeing programme with the system only or supported by our highly experienced wellbeing consultants.

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FieldViewer facilitates real-time event management which allows photographs and data of impacts to be sent from remote sites to our control centres within seconds - Customer Experience Manager, Wastewater

About Us

Techfinity is a B2B Software-as-a-Service solutions provider with common sense, usability and efficiency at the heart of all that we do. Combining the power of cloud computing and the latest in mobile technology, we bring innovative corporate applications to the business sector that drive value and provide genuine savings through process and technical efficiency.

The Techfinity Vision

Our vision is to be a software champion for business by providing you with the tools to wow your staff and customers

We achieve this by creating innovative, easy-to-use business-centric software that requires minimal training, looks great, and delivers high performance.

  • We take time to understand our end users and build software that performs to business needs rather than forcing business to adapt around software.
  • Harnessing the power of mobile and cloud computing as well as other emerging technologies, we deliver innovation to business of any size with minimal risk, cost and time.
  • Our software brings consumer-grade friendliness to the business world allowing clients to maximise user adoption and increase the effectiveness of their core business activities.


Below are some typical benefits our clients see by using our technically efficient and business-focused software solutions

Reduction in
manual processes

staff turnover

Mobile Data Savings

User Approval

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